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Collingwood Home Inspection

Collingwood Ontario is a charming town located in southern Ontario. Nestled between Georgian Bay and The Blue Mountains, Collingwood boasts activities for the whole year. For this reason many tourists have decided to call Collingwood home. A Collingwood home inspection is a non invasive visual inspection of the property. To read more on what we inspect please read here.


Collingwood is made up of a wide diversity of property styles. Established in 1858 Collingwood boasts some the most beautiful century homes. As the town became more populated newer home developments started to arise. If you’re looking for a century home, condo, chalet or anything in between, Collngwood, Ontario has it all.

Century Home: Many home buyers are drawn to the character and style of this home. With good reason, they are very charming but unfortunately these homes may hide many issues. Outdated plumbing, lead pipes, knob and tube wiring and lack of insulation just to name a few.

As certified home inspectors we are trained and certified to detect these issues.

Thermal imaging is included in all of our home inspections. Thermal imaging enables us detect heat loss and possible moisture intrusion. Items that cannot be seen with our naked eye.

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