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6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

Here in Canada and across the globe we are witnessing unprecedented energy costs. With the current war in the Ukraine, carbon taxes and fuel demand the energy costs are expected to be here for many years to come. What can we do today to help relieve some of the pain associated with the current situation,read on to find out.

1: Add Insulation..Then add more!

A well insulated house is key in lowering your energy costs. Heat rises so the first place to check for adequate insulation is in your attic. To determine your insulation R-value you must confirm the type of insulation you have and then measure the depth.

There are many online tables such as this one that will supply you with the approximate R-value. Add insulation to the recommended depth per your geographic location. To get a big picture of your home's insulation value obtaining an infrared thermal scan of the whole house is recommended.

2: Have Your HVAC Serviced Regularly

Having your HVAC serviced by a licensed technician is a very affordable way to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in energy costs. It is recommended to have your furnace and air conditioner serviced annually. Not only will it save you money but also identify any safety concerns such as carbon monoxide or natural gas leaks.

Tip: Change your furnace filter every 6 months for awesome energy savings

3: Seal Up The House

Check your buildings envelope for any holes or gaps that are protruding through the walls to the interior. Many times furnace pipes or vents aren't property sealed. This is a very cost effective job that any do it your selfer can do.

4: Check Your Windows And Doors

All the windows should be properly caulked and sealed. Over time the caulking will dry out and crack. Removal of old caulking and re-caulking will be necessary. Check your exterior doors for any gaps around the door frame and trim. Be sure there is sufficient weather stripping installed around the door.

5: Don't Heat Or Cool An Empty House

This is an obvious one but is worth mentioning. If you have an old analog thermostat it is advisable to upgrade to a digital programmable one. When rooms aren't in use close the vents and keep the doors closed. If your basement is cooler in the Summer be sure to close the vents there too.

6: Use High Efficiency Appliances

If you have old and outdated appliances it would be a good idea to upgrade to newer efficient ones. When shopping for appliances be sure to look for the Energy Star logo. This goes for furnaces also.

Tip: Use cold water for laundry and do the laundry at night when energy rates are expected to be lower.


With energy rates skyrocketing utilizing these useful energy saving tips will add up to some recognizable savings. There are many ways one can save energy in the house eg. using low energy light bulbs, checking your hot water heater temperature and adjusting if need be, having energy efficient windows and doors and so on.

Blog brought to you by:

Andrew Weaver

Certified Home Inspector


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