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Are appliances included in a home inspection?

This question is put forth to us quite often. The answer may vary from one home inspector to the next. Many times the offer(agreement of purchase and sale) are written up with the seller warranting that the appliances are and will be in good working order on the possession date(closing date).

This is great and highly recommended but unfortunately does not warrant the overall condition of the appliance or fixture. It may be working but what is the condition of the said appliance, these are questions that should to be answered.

As certified home inspectors we feel it is important to inspect the following appliances:


dishwasher inspection

First and foremost we will check that the appliance is in fact working. Dishwashers have varying cycles ranging in different lengths. For our inspection we utilize the short cycle. We will check for:

  • leaks

  • condition of door gasket

  • roller operation

  • spray arms

  • backflow prevention

  • heating element

  • door latch

  • dish racks

  • spray arms

Electric and Gas Range, Cooktop & Oven

oven range inspection

From a safety standpoint inspecting the the Electric and Gas Range, Cooktop & Oven is of utmost importance. If installed improperly of damaged, can lead to fatal accident. We will check the following:

  • Unit is in working

  • gas leaks

  • gas shut off valve

  • glass panels

  • door gasket

  • heating element or burners

  • thermostat accuracy

  • door latch

  • drip pans

  • combustible material clearance

  • securely mounted?

Range Exhaust Vent

range exhaust vent inspection

The range exhaust vent is an important fixture that coincides with the use of the oven. When inspecting the operation of the oven we will also inspect the operation of the range hood. The following deficiency's will be noted on the inspection report.

  • venting does not exit to the outside of structure

  • inadequate vent pipe material

  • unusual sounds and/or vibrations

  • blower that does not operate at all selected speeds

  • inoperable light

  • is the range properly secured?


microwave inspection

More often that not the microwave will be included with the home purchase. The microwave isn't considered a built in appliance but we inspect them as an added bonus to our clients.

What we check:

  • is the unit operational?

  • controls and control panels

  • handles

  • turntable

  • interior surfaces

  • glass panels

  • lights and lenses

  • secure mounting of unit

  • operation as heating container of water.

Blog by:

Andrew Weaver

Certified home inspector


Solid Ground Inspections

Serving Barrie, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood and surrounding areas

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