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Foundation Inspection

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Foundation Inspection

When it comes to inspecting a home, inspecting the foundation is of paramount importance. The foundation is the supporting base for the structure, any issue with the foundation will affect the rest of the house. This blog post focuses on the most common foundations issue and what we inspectors look for.

Stair Step Cracking

Step cracking

Stair step cracking is a very common foundation issue. Most often seen in block foundations it is easy recognizable due to the resemblance of "stairs" in the cracked joints. This is most often caused by settling and growing soil moisture. If the cracking is severe and widespread a foundation specialist is highly recommended.

Vertical Cracking

Vertical foundation crack

Vertical foundation cracking looks more serious than it actually is. Often caused by some soil settlement or during the cement curing process. We recommend to our clients to monitor the crack, if you can fit a quarter in the crack then the use of an epoxy injection may remedy the issue.

Horizontal cracking

Horizontal cracking

Horizontal foundation cracks are a serious issue. Caused by inwards hydrostatic pressure this can cause bowing and weakness to the foundation walls. Water often will enter the structure. A foundation specialist will need to evaluate and repair the issue before the problem gets worse.

Hairline cracking

Hairline foundation crack

Hairline cracks are most often found in new construction. Usually caused during the concrete curing process, hairline cracks are mainly cosmetic and of no need for concern.

Other Signs of Possible Foundation Problems

Not all foundation issues are visibly obvious. Other Signs of foundation issues include:

  • Warped siding

  • Sinking ground around the house

  • Bouncy floors

  • Weeds near the foundation

  • Sticking windows and doors

  • Damp crawlspace

  • Drywall cracks

  • Uneven floors

  • Cracked tiles

  • Doors or windows pulling away from walls


Foundation issues are a major concern with any house. Not recognizing or repairing the issue in a timely fashion may lead to much larger problems in the future. It is imperative when purchasing your next home to have the foundation inspected by a certified home inspector.

This blog was brought to you by:

Andrew Weaver

Certified Home Inspector CPI

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