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Is a Home Inspection Enough?

Is a Home Inspection Enough

Probably one of the biggest cliche's is "buying a home is the biggest investment one can make" this comment still rings true today. Especially today with house prices the highest they've ever been. As important as the home inspection is, there are other items the home owner should consider getting inspected. This blog post will outline additional ancillary services home inspectors offer that are very important.

Mold Inspection

Having mold in ones home can cause a myriad of health issues. Be sure to include a mold inspection in addition to your standard home inspection. Mold is caused by moisture so locating and repairing the moisture intrusion issue will prevent further mold growth.

Septic Inspection

Many rural and cottage country properties still utilize septic systems. A faulty septic system will cause toilets and sinks to back up. Septic systems generally have a lifespan between 15-40 years. Many factors can affect the lifespan of the septic system. This family leaned the hard way of the importance of a septic system inspection. Check out the article here: Link

Pool and Spa/hot tub Inspection

If you're purchasing a home with a pool or spa/hot tub be sure to include this service with your inspection. We will check the condition of the liner for any damage. The plumbing and fittings will need to be checked for leaks. Pumps and filters will be inspected along with the electrical serving them.

Private water wells

Many home are still using private wells for their water supply. Wells can come come in different kinds ranging from dug, drilled, artesian and sand point. Recognizing the type of well you have is the first step in the inspection process. We will test piping,water pressure and flow. Included in the private well inspection will be a potability test.


This list includes the most common ancillary inspection serves we use today. Additional inspection may include:

  • Radon

  • Wind and hail inspection

  • Sewer scope inspection

  • Healthy home inspection

  • Air quality inspection

  • Rural farm inspection

  • Log home inspection

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