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Walk and Talk Inspection

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

What Is a Walk and Talk Inspection

A walk and talk inspection also know as a Walk through or Pre-offer consultation is an abbreviated inspection where the inspector will walk around the house with their client observing and pointing out any defects. The client is asked to take notes as we go along. The home inspector is generally allowed 1 hour(approved by property owner)to complete the walk through inspection.

What the Inspector Focuses on During the Walk Through

During the walk and talk inspection we will focus on material and structural defect issues. We will check the roof, foundation, attic( if accessible) electrical panel, HVAC, plumbing and any additional concerns the buyer may have.

Will The Client Receive A Report

Unfortunately no, there is no report provided for this type of inspection. The pre-offer consultation isn't as thorough as a full home inspection but it is definitely better than having no inspection at all.


Obtaining a full home inspection with report is always best but when circumstances arise when this is not possible a Walk through inspection will be your best option. To learn more about walk and talk inspections or to book an appointment contact us today.

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