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What If My Home Has Polybutylene Pipes

polybutylene pipe

Polybutylene piping usually shortened to Poly B or PB pipe was plastic water pipe used from 1975 to 1995. Builders often used it as an affordable alternative to copper. The companies that produced Poly B were Shell, Quest and Vanguard. If you discover polybutylene in your home it should be replaced.

The Dangers Of Polybutylene In Your Home

The main danger with polybutylene pipe is the high potential for leaking. The plastic reacts with the disinfectants in the public water supply such as chlorine. The result is scaling and flaking from within that creates micro fractures in the pipes that will eventually burst.

Should I Replace Polybutylene Pipe

The short answer is yes you should replace poly B pipes if they have been identified. Replacing plumbing in the whole house can be very expensive but neglecting to replace it can lead to severe water damage and possible mold growth. A thorough home inspection will discover any polybutylene pipes in you home.

Replacing Polybutylene Pipes

PB pipe can be replaced with either copper, Pex or cpvc piping. The following video demonstrates the plumber replacing the poly b pipe with pex. The preferred replacement choice.


If your home was built between 1975 and 1995 there is a good chance it was plumbed with polybuylene pipes. If the pipe is stamped with "PB2110" this is a sure sign you have poly B pipes. Inspecting for PB pipes is one of many items we inspect for here at Solid Ground Inspections Inc.

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