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Wasaga Beach Home Inspection

Wasaga Beach Home inspections are a vital part of almost any real estate deal. Before anyone signs on the dotted line, the buyer should accept the conditions of the property. The inspection provides the buyer with crucial information that affects their ultimate decision about whether or not to buy the home. Give us a call if you’re looking for a reliable home inspector in Wasaga Beach.

Why A Home Inspection is Necessary

You should never skip an inspection, no matter how tempting the prospect might be. There are a number of reasons why the inspection is such an important part of the process. For one thing, a good inspector could uncover problems with a house that will make you second-guess buying it. Some of these issues could involve safety, like faulty wiring or mold. If you don’t do your due diligence to discover these problems, you’re putting yourself and your family at risk.

An inspection will also turn up any additions or alterations that may not be in keeping with local building codes. Once you’ve purchased the house, you’ll be responsible for the illegalities of your new home. It’s much better to catch these issues beforehand so the current owner is forced to deal with them.

Inspections can also turn up problems that you can then use to enhance your bargaining power. By pointing to issues discovered by the inspector, you can drive down the price of the home. When this happens, the inspection often pays for itself and then some.

What A Home Inspector Does

A home inspection is a truly comprehensive check of every aspect of the house’s infrastructure. The inspector will review everything from the plumbing and HVAC systems to the type of paint on the walls. The duration of the inspection depends on the size of the home, but 2-3 hours is typical.

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If you need a Wasaga Beach home inspection, contact us today. We're experienced professionals, and we know our way around this industry. The quality of the home inspector is of the utmost importance, since better inspectors will unearth more issues that could help keep your family safe and drive down the price of the home.

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